We’re not sitting on any fences!

If you’ve seen today’s issue of USA TODAY you may have seen Realogy’s new advertisement. We took out the ad because we felt it was important to take a leadership position in the industry and deliver a visible pro-housing message in the market at a time when too many others – ranging from Congress to consumers – appear to be sitting on the fence about homeownership.

Our ad asks USA TODAY’s 3.2 million daily readers the question, “Rather than sitting on the fence … why not own it?” and provides five supporting reasons why now is a compelling time for qualified buyers to purchase a home.

We recognize that unemployment levels are still high, but the fact remains that 90% of Americans do have jobs. Thus, we hope that our message will encourage qualified homebuyers and sellers to consider the facts and talk with one of our local real estate professionals. Likewise, we continue to make our collective voice heard in Washington, D.C., in support of homeownership and its importance to our economy and society.

We’re not sitting on any fences!


One thought on “We’re not sitting on any fences!

  1. Great use of the “fence” image to help realtors who are struggling with clients waiting for the “signal to buy a home”. If an agent can create a story based on the 5 reasons it may make sense to purchase now, they will be providing the type of service that the public is desperate for.

    Our job, and we get paid well when we succeed, is to “help people make good decisions on wether to buy or sell a home, all based on their goals”.

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