What is a QR Code?

Last weekend Coldwell Banker was the buzz within the real estate community by incorporating QR-codes into our advertising. QR-codes, also known as quick response barcodes (how many of you selected Quiet Riot?), have been used for years in Japan and Europe and provide a quick way to connect consumers to websites, videos, images, and other advertising channels. QR-codes allow us to use something as small as a postage stamp to deliver unlimited and instant information to consumers through any QR-code reader app on a mobile phone.

QR-codes give us the opportunity to offer additional information or better showcase our listings by incorporating these barcodes into ads, collateral and other print media. Agents are also being encouraged to use QR codes on flyers, postcards and even side riders (sometime in the future).

Click here for a the ad that ran in the San Jose Mercury News. If you don’t have an app on your mobile device, be sure to download BeeTagg QR-code reader at http://get.beetagg.com directly from your mobile phone. Once downloaded, access the app and snap a picture of the bar code to be connected.

We are excited to be the first local real estate company to introduce this new technology. Please take a few minutes to learn more about QR-codes through the links below.





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